Challenge Math and Brain Teaser Problems!

Much more accurate than my answer of -83.447!
I believe that's the correct answer, Greta job! That's a very though one

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I'm gonna bookmark your answer for further use :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Haha if you do happen to ever go through it, let me know because I am sure there are a lot of mistakes if anything :joy:


Magic squares :sunglasses::fire::star2:

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I don't know how magic squares work, but 6 is missing, from the numbers of 1 to 9.

I was thinking about this

and worked through it manually to see this was a hyperbola with asymptotes y = ± x/√(313) I think it was, then wondered what the definition of smallest meant :thinking:

I.e. does it include negatives, is it both x and y the smallest, or if one is smaller and the other is bigger now do you compare it to another solution that overall might be smaller, haha and I don’t even know if I got a right picture of the problem anyway :laughing:

I graphed it on Desmos (a free online graphing tool/app) to confirm the hyperbola (sorry if that is not allowed! I did the calculations myself then used Desmos to confirm :) hehe)

Which point is the smallest non-zero solution hmm…


Yeah, Desmos is pretty awesome. I think it doesn’t matter if it’s either positive or negative, but the answer is very interesting (I think either x is prime or both x and y solutions are prime. Something like that). I must admit, I found this problem in a prime numbers book (sorry. Didn’t make it). It’s veeery tough and spits out some large answers. If you want to be super awesome and actually solve it, I would be blown away.

In the meantime, I do have another geometry problem for you, though:
(I’m gonna solve this, too. Looks really fun!)

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Ooh okay, and ah I see, so they're both whole numbers. I don't really have any ideas for approaching it anyway – let alone solve it :open_mouth:. I love hearing problems no matter where they come from, I was actually rather happy when I realised you were making some of your own problems (which I had never really thought about after some lifetime of traditional handed-out textbook questions – but luckily there has been some naturally-occurring stuff, like fun stuff in coding)

And yay! I might be taking a bit of a break from maths for now hehe but I would love to see how you go :slight_smile:

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Ok! I'll let you know how I'm doing
Yes, you've done a ton of work on math, you deserve a break (also, I'm assuming you have finals and tests to study for)

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I agree. Common core is killer. I'd like it if there was a math group or something for people who love math and science, to just completely excel at their own pace and have fun with it. This would produce much more people in science and math fields who can change the world

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Okay! :smiley:
Hehe no it's been so fun if anything! – not a break from hard work, but I will just be casually browsing around more mostly. And don't worry I live in Australia so the school year is a bit different :smiley:

I have rediscovered a love for maths thanks to you and Hops here,

(and I recently am looking at drawing again after another rediscovery ...I tend to just jump around with my interests, I know it seems fickle haha, it's part of my sanity check right now though because of feeling frustrated with the more conformist ideas of the school I have to go to and my parents who won't let me do unschooling...

oh dear I don't mean to rant but I have tended to explain things honestly more so I may as well :slight_smile: which I think I should. Anyway, so this jumping around is part of me trying to remember what I love about learning – and not because it's related to assessments or how people use it as a measure for judgment :expressionless: – but it keeps it fresh whenever I do visit anyway, which I certainly will do!)

Wow the forum just gave me the "this topic is important to you – you've posted more than 20% of the replies here" message :laughing:
Yes forum I do love this topic :+1:

(I just edited my previous reply too – oh I see you saw anyway hehe :slight_smile:)

Yeah imagine if we could just all learn at our own pace and things weren't enforced upon us... :cry: at the moment a way I know is unschooling for me.

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Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Home/un schooling is becoming more and more popular because of this (you should really try persuade your parents about the benefits of it and how you would be able to really excel).

And.. my iPad battery is about to die so I'll be back in a bit.

And yes, the forum has told me that I've been posting a lot lately as well :smile:

That's the Joy in maths. You can go into different areas, and have a lot of fun (I also love drawing myself and do mazes from time to time :slight_smile: ) actually, I was really into them until High School made it too busy for me to work on them. Homeschooling just sounds better and better

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''A double negative is a positive''

answered your question
also, how can i like my own post


Is it Aleph null?
I have been watching a lot of vsauce videos lately


Hey JonnyGamer, thanks so much :smile: that gives me a lot of comfort (it is basically my whole dilemma at home right now ;-; Seemingly straightforward to me to learn on my own, just like we're doing here right now, but a source of a lot of tension between me and parents because homeschooling is not as prevalent here)

And ooh I know of a programming algorithm for generating mazes :smiley:

(Whoops maybe this might suit another topic more hmm...)

Anyway thanks so much again (I had sort of hidden it because I get afraid I keep ranting too much XD) and it really can indeed feel sad when you realise the things you miss doing because of other things getting in the way... :( And yes I think it is indeed a wonderful joy with exploring topics, such as the broad one of maths :smile:

Looking more closely at your star-in-circle :smiley: I can see lots of details to think over hehe. i think it is a pleasing pattern (I might try to tuck more of it into my memory, for cases of boredom — Your problems give me something to ponder over in class hehe :slight_smile:) And no worries, bye for now!


Yes, I've been watching vsauce as well. I've recently gotten very addicted into it, thanks to t1

Also, no, it's not Aleph-null or any infinite number, but good guess! (One of the answers happen to be prime!)


Is it (2^274,207,281 − 1) * -1?
2^274,207,281 − 1 is the biggest prime, so...


No, sorry. Not that one either

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y u do dis


but the point of an incenter is that OE and OD are the same distance,, that's why you can inscribe a circle in an incenter,,,,,
@jonnygamer's centroid example worked bc in an equilateral triangle the centroid and incenter are one in the same

am i missing something here?? an incenter always works like this??? sorry sfdfsdds

(sorry for reviving an old dead and clammy post,,)