Challenge Math and Brain Teaser Problems!



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Am I allowed to say the answers if I figured them out?


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Nice topic!
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We just had variables :P


There's a thing called Breakout EDU, and you have to break the locks solving clues and puzzles. Here are some links to some games, but you can look it up and find more puzzles to do.

Over throwing the co- dictatorship

Beware of the witch

Evil doctor Elgoog


Here is an easy math puzzle:


O = ?
D = ?
E = ?
V = ?
N = ?

Find the values of O, D, E, V, and E. All the variables are different numbers. The numbers are not multiplied but put together to make a three/four digit number.

@NindroidGames @FearlessPhoenix Sorry if I didn't make the puzzle clear. If O = 1 and D = 2 (this is not the answer), then ODD = 122.

Remeber to put your answers in [spoiler][/spoiler] tags! Have fun


Ooh this sounds really fun!! :smiley:


I can't get it..... I tried literally every combination from o=5 d=0 yet I can't find anything. But that's assuming they can only be singl digit numbers?


What equation did you use? I'll assume you started out with 2o+4d=2e+n+v, in some form...


No, that's what I did. I just suck at spelling.


It's easy when you're not spelling 'ood'

O = 6 D = 5 E = 1 V = 3 N = 0


Nicely done. :smiley: There are actually TWO solutions (both are pretty similar), can you find them both?


I can, but I won't.


That was what I first got too @NindroidGames :joy:

I have a question

with that solution, does it work with values of O from 6 to 9 too? And different resulting values of V.


655 + 655 = 1310
755 + 755 = 1510 // wait no I just realised... V is the same value as D here
855 + 855 = 1710 // okay found it :)
955 + 955 = 1910 // repeated value again

And if D is greater than 5, the value of E is too big to add up to as it will be greater than than 1 (bad explanation, sorry) And O has to be ≥ 5 for ODD to add up to a four digit number.

This was fun to think about :relaxed:


Duh XD