Challenge : Hopscotch Notebook



Hi guys! I said in Hopscotch I'm going to camp for 6 days. I decorated my notebook like this: (BTW, I made this in PPT)

You can post your ideas or notebook designs on the forum! Have fun! :grinning:


Wow! This is so cool!


What did you do this on?


PPT. He put it up there. :wink:


I did it on Powerpoint :grinning:


BTW..I'm a girl :grinning:


That's sooooooo cool!


Thanks! :grinning:


That's amazing! I love that soooooo much! :clap::smile:


Wow! That is awesome, how did u do it?
Like what did u do?


I used the shapes in Powerpoint and added some text boxes (about to say text blocks :grinning: ). Then I asked my Mom how to make the colors look the same :smiley:. Since not a lot of people ( I think ) are into coding in my "world"..if someone recognises it as Hopscotch...I'll be like "Woohoo!". :laughing: