Challenge for you guys


In Hopscotch, there are certain blocks some people don't get. But here's a challenge: Try to draw a heart in hopscotch! I don't think anybody has in code before. It sounds cool. I tried to, but it didn't work out


@friendship2468, this forum is meant to let hopscotchers talk about their projects that needs help, questions, improvements or anything like that. It is not meant to talk about TV shows although yours include a code-like show.


That is right @Berrymelon. But @friendship2468 made it a Hopscotch challenge to code it as a project, so I think that is okay :smiley:


Well, yes, the challenge is absolutely okay, but about the show then, maybe no. The challenge pretty is cool, though!


Done! The link to the project is here.


This is mine. I made it 6 months ago.


I already made one a long long time ago


@CreativeCoder, And @Kiwicute2015 These Are Awesome! <3