Challenge awaring



Nobody's done the Olympic Challenge I know 2 people making there's but everybody else can you please try


Lemme have a look at your challenge.


If people don't want to do your challenge, it's usually because they're busy or not interested. Don't worry! I know it can be annoying but please don't make a whole new topic for it and post this on that topic. If people like it they will join! :wink:


I'm just making sure if people would like to do it they know they can


The thing is that many people are doing other contests by more famous people. Here's the hard truth: Not many people will do contests by unnoticed people. Don't to force people to do your topic, just try to ask as many people as you can.


Yeh I'm not that famous
I always like to do challenges by not famous people and famous people
Why can't everybody do that?