Challenge announcement!



I have started a challenge called #BTPPM (can't remember exactly what it stands for) where I announce a topic, and at the end of the month, whoever made the best project with topic will win. I don't know why I say thins when you can just read the screenshot.


2 people liked this and now I am replying I like challenges I should look at it!


You named your project wrong, you added an "N"! :wink: (Also, I ran out of likes, so here :heart:)


@Rawrbear you didn't read the project.......


facepalms self and gives like to Hoppertoscotch :heart:


@Rawrbear hehe. Are you going to try the challenge? If you do, you may get a nickname for December!


Yep! Also, I reposted it to my account so it would receive more views. :wink:


@Rawrbear, do I have credit for it?


Well, it's remixed to your account...


I am going to enter. 🦃


@BlackDawn I can't wait to see what you make!


I'm almost done, it's about a guy getting fat because of turkey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::joy:


@Rawrbear ummm ok no need to rush you have the entire month


It's ok, it wasn't rushed :blush:


Ok. It's just that you are done already when you have like four weeks that's all


I feel ashamed. @Rawrbear, you win. Ya know why? CAUSE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO ENTERED!!!! :pensive: But, for December, you are known as the UltimateTurkeyCook. Well, I'm going to set up this month's, I guess.




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@seawolfwerehorse a Christmas themed project with #BTPPMD15 in the title.......... Did you read the project?


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