Chain of Positive


(don't know why this is in help, the forum is glitchy on an iPod)
Hoi! On this topic, we are positive :slight_smile: the directions are simple
•complement the user above you!
I'll start-
@PandaBlossom is super sweet and friendly, and is also a great artist and friend!


Hoi, UndertaleTacos! Why Not Get A Taco With Frisk's Face On It For A Profile Pic?




Lol maybe I will someday :3


@KarmicSans618 Is A Nice And Awesome Hopscotcher And He Makes Awesome Projects!


@BlueStarGirl is super friendly!


@UndertaleTacoz That Is So True, You're Going To Have A Good Time, Not A Bad Time Because That's Bad! Nyeh Heh Heh!


I appreciate all the undertale talk and all, but this topic is meant to be for complementing people. Im sorry! I just made this topic so that everyone can be happy


So true it kinda got a bit random and messed up!


Yeah. Let's get back on topic!
@Rainboom is super friendly and nice to everyone!


Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! I'm crying with happiness and love right now!!!!!! @UndertaleTacoz is so nice and makes me so happy!!!