CG's Holiday Giveaway


It’s the holiday season, and I’m about to undertake something that goes against my natural urge to procrastinate, but screw it it’s the heckling holiday season!
Reply to this post with something you want me to draw for you, favorite celebrity, movie character, hopefully not animal because I’m really bad at those, with a good reference pic, and I’ll draw it for you as a Christmas present, or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, a winter present just because!

They will be posted at varying levels of finishedness all on the 25th.

I’m going to regret this, but let the requests pour in, and I’ll try and do as many as I can :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays!


Do a my little pony for my brother, please(if u can!)
If not, do a snowman


This is cool! Can you draw her?

Made by @PinkCupcake8


Can you maybe do this…

Except in a full body form , not chibi


Can u draw my profile picture?


Hi! If you have the time(don’t worry if you can’t do it!) could you draw this?
If you want I can draw something for you in return. Thank you, I love how unique and original your art is!


Requests here are still very much open, I’m pretty dang bored and finished the ones above, so feel free to request guys :smiley:


Can you draw a city with a sunset behind it, or a foggy forest? This is cool!


Hi @ChickenGirl! I see you want some drawing requests done. Would you like to put an ad in the Hopscotch News? It would potentially give you some new requests. If you would like an ad, go to here: and fill out the form. Thanks!


If you’re done with mine, do you might showing me? Just curious in how it looks like! Thanks


Sure, here it is! I’m going to post them all on the 25th but I can show peeps ahead of time if they want

Hope it’s ok I was testing a few things with layers and visibility


Wow that’s great! I love it!



Here are all the requests for my Holiday Giveaway! :smiley:
Happy Holidays All


Wow, that’s so great! Thanks so much!


Thanks! Happy holidays!


Thank you!! It looks fabulous! Is it okie if I save it?


Sure :slight_smile:




Oh my god! I can’t believe your still on. I’m on a new account but this is WNAN & SoaringFeathers Sister! Ahh hii it’s been so long


Omg Hii!! :sparkles: :sparkling_heart: :heart:
How are u, and how are sf and wnan?