CG's Gladiator Pits


I assumed you were merely forfeiting.
The magic of the arena isn’t that few things are planned in advance, time moves quickly in the pits, but I suppose I understand if you can not participate today


Tomorrow I will be leaving for a backpacking trip, and will return Wednesday, is anyone willing to cover my shifts as the healer while I’m gone?



How many times do we have to explain this?! How is it not going through your head that nobody likes you?!


QUick doodle of Ronnie and Rebecca, they’re getting ready for backpacking and Ronnie is excited to share stories from the pit with her girlfriend


I love and support them! ! !


You need to he suspended. You need a lesson. What is this topic for then?!


You need to leave us alone. You are not the boss of us.

You are the one who needs to leave.


I’m trying to fix what’s broken. You’re 14, old enough to know your ways. You chose the Wrong way. And why is it so hard to come back on hs? You just go on appstore,and search for it.


I definitely approve of being last. I deserved it.
But thank you 3 people for voting to see me today even though 2 of you voted for everyone else.


Keep disliking me. I don’t care. All i know,that my path is right.


I chose absolute freedom.

Get out of our home. You are not our dictator.

You can’t tell me what to do.


yall are being so dramatic when will this discourse end


You cant tell me what to do,either.

We are in absolute freedom. If you dare to spam hsf,go on break each single guideline of your school. They don’t even exist,do they?


When he finally learns that he can’t fix this forum and just leaves.


When ppl like you finally are suspended/stop spam.mming and breaking guidelines.


healey, just ignore him he literally cant do anything of consequence and neither can u


tbh im just p neutral on this whole discourse i just wanna have some fun w/ the gladiator pits and yall keep doing this same dance. like copy and pasting the exact same conversation into the exact same topics whe n w i l l i t e n d


We are all a collective army.

I am a white night.

Seventeen against one.


Oh,we’ll see abt that. One day,it will happen. I will no longer fight alone.


yup tht is installing a moderator p soon and finally i will be suspended and banned, finally i will get to leave. and i will go out with a bang. in the mean time my only goal is to garner some recognition and standing on this hellsite by doing something fun and noteworthy thanks