Certain shapes should be hopscotch president:

Some certain shapes should be president, like these listed here:

These descriptions are written by THT because if you press and hold on a shape then you’ll see some descriptions. Some certain shapes should not be president:

Who would want the hopscotch president to be lazy?

Here’s a poll:

Which shape should be president?
  • Corner: “Responsible and serious, always finishes work a day before it’s due
  • Chevron: “a trailblazer who loves to help and serve others. Takes lead in times of trouble”
  • Donut: “Sweet and friendly, best friends with frosting and powdered sugar”
  • Square: “caring and compassionate, offers support to others in need”
  • Heart: “spreading love, friendship, and good vibes around the world”
  • Flower: “the live of the party, adds a little colour to any occasion”
  • T: “a creative collaborator whose expertise is broad and deep”
  • Z: “a team player who dreams of becoming something bigger”

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So what do you think?


First also wow you wrote a lot


Aren’t certain animals president or something like that?
Would shapes be candidates too or just be like a different ‘country’


That’s a lot of writing. This could cause lots of arguments about which shape is better.


Oh, ok, this was not supposed to cause arguments


We had an unofficial election a while back, if I remember correctly parallelogram won


Yes I think parallelogram won.


That’s cool!


I would want a lazy president :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)

Anyways, nice topic! Hope some great projects emerge from it!


I don’t think it will cause arguments but I have seen a couple small arguments about which shape is better in the past. But I doubt it will be a problem.

Yep lazy presidents r the best


XD (I don’t write lol but I do write XD)

#parralelagram2021 our campaign will win this election for we can provide things other shapes can’t

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I agree we would have less laws

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Looks like chevron and corner are tied

Now people are voting for square

Looks like corner is winning

There already is a shape for president

I know but there is a new election

Hi there! What a cool thing that the shapes have their own descriptions, I didn’t know!

My personal vote would be the heart for sure, it sounds sweet and loving :heart:

However, I personally feel like if this topic is only related to voting, it can go in our main discussion topic! We usually move topics that technically could fit in only one post there.

But, that would reset the poll, I think. So, my suggestion is that we make some changes to the top post in this topic to make it cover something bigger. Maybe you could host a challenge where people make projects about which shape that should be president this time, or a challenge where people make something else related to the shapes?


Ok, sure! That’s great! (I’m a big fan)

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