Certain blocks don't function in the old editor [SOLVED]

Use this template to make awesome bug reports: fine

Your username: Awesome_E

What kind of device are you using?: An iPad that has HS (it really doesn’t matter but Air 2)

1 sentence description of the problem: Several blocks do not work in this webplayer version

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Find a project with webplayer version 24 (Search “All characters and no values” and tap the second result – that project has webplayer 24)
  2. Go into any object.
  3. The following blocks do not work: Set Image, all secret blocks (including create a clone times [ x ], destroy object, wait until Unix timestamp)
  4. The following self-parameters (secret blocks) do not work: Clone Index, Total Clones

I expected this to happen: The block worked :exploding_head:

But instead this happened: It didn’t do anything :exploding_head:

Here’s a sweet screenshot GIF: image

@Ana @Rodrigo @Liza

Background someone will be curious enough about to click on

I was going to create a Hopscotch Duel (many have heard this), but I had to use this version of the webplayer because newer versions cannot detect if you are touching two objects at once. But when I looked into this specific version, the secret “create multiple clones” block as well as other secret block did not work. I knew that would not really matter to THT, but once I found that set image did not work, I thought it might actually matter to some people coding in this version, so I made this bug report

This project runs webplayer 24 and has all characters – set image does not work

This project was modified to run webplayer 24 where multi-object touch works, and it has all of the secret blocks I mentioned (self-parameters in secret parameters – they all work in webplayer 25 which is still the old editor but 25 does not support multi-object touch)

This runs webplayer 25 and everything works except: two objects cannot be pressed at once (that is why 24 is relevant) and the “When self is tapped” rule triggers when any clone of that object is tapped (self is tapped/pressed does however work in webplayer 24, oddly enough)

You should know this project – it has all of those secret blocks and they all work, but multi-object touch also does not work (this runs webplayer 29 which is the latest version)


That is weird. Are you sure that these blocks existed when version 24 was published?


They did not, but it is still important to point out as some people like you may still code with this version.
EDIT: Also, if THT were to add any block to the editor, they should make it compatible with every version of the editor. I’d think even secret blocks apply, but that definitely debatable, as it is secret for a reason @AwesomeOnion @Ana


Oh, I understand! I don’t know what version I’m using (sometimes), but I think that it might be earlier than version 24.


Maybe, 24 acts exactly the same as everything before - I know you use it because of text rendering - larger texts don’t lose quality


Yeah, that’s one reason. The “new” editor has really blurry text sometimes. That has also occurred with objects, although that is also a bug in the old version too.

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But that also means that set image does not work for you, whether that matters or not (set text does but that is different)


I know. It doesn’t matter for me though, as I don’t have the subscription.

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You don’t need a subscription, it is like a set text except you can change the object, only custom art needs subscription


Really? I haven´t even tapped on that block I think, because I thought that it was for subscribers only. :laughing:

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@AwesomeOnion @Ana
I need set image to be fixed in this old version for my upcoming project (that cannot be made in the new editor), as I will need to switch between characters

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Hi there,

I love that you guys are optimizing so much! Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to go back and add every feature to every legacy version of Hopscotch. You see how that could get out of hand rather quickly if we have to design and test 24 different versions each time we made a change! We do try to provide a reasonable experience if you are using an older version of Hopscotch so it doesn’t seem broken for a normal user.

That being said, if there are regressions in newer versions that make you want to use older version, please tell us what they are so we can fix them!

@William04GamerA It sounds like there is a problem with text in version 25?

Thank you!


Ah, looked into it more: version 24 is the non-webplayer version, version 25 is the webplayer. So the text rendering is quite different. It sounds like the biggest problem with the webplayer is that it doesn’t recognize multiple touches at the same time, is that correct?


What are these “webplayer versions?”

I’m still just a bit new to HS, I joined and started using HS about 9 weeks ago.

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From my other topic, yes. The new version can’t support multiple objects being pressed

It uses the new text rendering system. The old one scaled text so it doesn’t lose quality, but FPS suffers as a result of too many sized texts.

I just meant to say that if Set Image was added (it was), then it should work with all versions. That’s all. I don’t really care about the other ones as they aren’t fully implemented, but Set Image should work as it was added to the editor, implying it should work with any version


I think that you should try to fix the multitouch issue first. For me and for many other Hopscotchers out there too, it’s a great feature to have.



This issue is still relevant and I might want to use this in the future some time. The only issue I really have with the old editor is that Set Image does not work. Everything else I could care less about.

Actually, there is multi-touch in JavaScript

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>DOM touchmove Event</h1>

<p ontouchmove="myFunction(event)">Touch this paragraph, and move the finger to trigger a function that will display the x and y coordinates of the touch, according the the document:</p>

<p><strong>Note:</strong> This example is for touch devices only.</p>

<p id="demo"></p>

function myFunction(event) {
  var x = Math.round(event.touches[0].clientX);
  var y = Math.round(event.touches[0].clientY);
  if (event.touches[1] != undefined){
    var x1 = Math.round(event.touches[1].clientX);
    var y1 = Math.round(event.touches[1].clientY);
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "[" + x + "," + y + "], [" + x1 + "," + y1 + "]";
  } else {
    document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "[" + x + "," + y + "]";


Want to try it? Paste that code here.

This code would display 2 touch points if they exist, one if only one exists when you press (touch screen) on paragraph. I don’t imagine this to be too hard to incorporate, and you could use for loops to retrieve touch points.

I should put this under #hopscotch-language-evolution, shouldn’t I?
Official multi-touch support could be in the form of a parameter of the Last Touch Variable and you could press multiple objects simultaneously.



This would be perfect for making 2-player games!

Nice idea!