Cellular automata



Discuss about cellular automata here.
The most famous example of cellular automaton by far would be the game of life.
The game of life follows the following rules:
-Any alive cell with 2 or 3 alive neighbours stays alive
-Any dead cell with 3 alive neighbours becomes alive
-All other cells die, or stay dead
-Cells are just on a infinite grid (though most implementations use a torus, though theoretically they shouldn't)
This system may seem simple, but it is turing complete (it can do everything an universal turing machine can)


I think this is a well-known simulation that can be coded in many places :smiley: I don't think I've ever seen it done in Hopscotch before.

(Oh I just found an example here so you can see :slight_smile:)



You seem much smarter than me


they have expectations

anyway! isn't it also included in the game of life that if a cell is surrounded by cells on all four sides, it dies?
and i'm not sure how to code all this in hopscotch... bump/when-touching seems like an obvious answer, but it won't work after you input tons of objects and cells :///
EDIT: ah, you included that, sorry


I'm keeping this one because the Game of Life is actually super awesome. I love it


Who changed the title of this topic?
I never intended for this topic to be exclusively related to game of life, but to be used for all forms of cellular automaton.
I just gave the example of game of life as it is the most well known.


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Sorry, the was my bad
The game of life is pretty awesome, though!
I thought it was since you were describing it, my bad

You might seem interested in this actually:
Sorry for the occasional innaproprateness on here..

He goes in to talk about a lot about the brain as well.
This guy also has a post on the AI revolution, you might be interested in that, too


Think we should make Conway's Game of Life for the MatHS Team, @t1_hopscotch? I think it'd be very similar to what you've already done with the Fibonacci clone device


Woaaah that would be awesome!! I'm excited imagining thinking about it already :open_mouth: