Celebrating 10 years of Hopscotch! Fun Discussions

Yes, strings are incredible, but unless I overlooked it, I can’t believe no one has mentioned self variables yet. This update was probably one of the biggest as far as what things it makes possible/much easier in my time here. (That update also increased the number of clones for an object from around 1000 to over 4000.)

What is even more amazing is that, if I recall correctly, the original version of t1’s 2048 would have been made before that update.


Yep, and it’s been 4096 ever since. At least it’s better than scratch’s limit of only 300 clones.

It was even better to begin with, originating at like 500 some clones.


I also like the :hs_jeepers:
After all, who doesn’t like jeepers. Without it, it would be hard for sloth to be able to drive.


Yeah that is definitely a very big thing. i did mention it. I think the reason most people haven’t is because it came out before they joined Hopscotch, so they don’t remember it being added. Like how t1 is the only one to mention check if blocks.

Yeah they went from 512 to 1024 to 4096 in just a few months.


Not me, I joined almost a year prior, on March 7, 2016. And I definitely remember the limited amount of clones there were, and what the editor used to look like…

Imagine if THT updated the editor design again on April 16, 2023… every app deserves a fresh new look on their 10th birthday.


I joined in December 2014…it’s wild to think that so much time has gone by! I remember when the emoji wave was all the rage. :ocean:


you know what to do [/j]