Celebrating 10 years of Hopscotch! Fun Discussions

Hey Hopscotchers,

On April 16, 2023, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hopscotch! This is an important milestone for us, so we would like to invite you to share your favorite memory with Hopscotch. More specifically, what is your favorite Hopscotch feature or change in the past 10 years, and why?

Also a fun vote - who are your favorite Hopscotch characters (you can pick up to 3!)?

  • :hs_anteater:
  • :hs_bear:
  • :hs_bird:
  • :hs_chillanna:
  • :hs_cosmic_cody:
  • :hs_crocodile:
  • :hs_jody:
  • :hs_iguana:
  • :hs_gorilla:
  • :hs_ghoulopus:
  • :hs_frog:
  • :hs_frankenrilla:
  • :hs_elf:
  • :hs_dino:
  • :hs_cupcake:
  • :hs_mandrill:
  • :hs_miss_chief:
  • :hs_mistletoe:
  • :hs_monkey:

0 voters

  • :hs_mosquito:
  • :hs_mr_mustache:
  • :hs_octo:
  • :hs_parrot:
  • :hs_penguin:
  • :hs_polarbear:
  • :hs_space_pod:
  • :hs_snowman:
  • :hs_sloth:
  • :hs_robo:
  • :hs_reindeer:
  • :hs_raccoon:
  • :hs_queen_ana:
  • :hs_star_girl:
  • :hs_toucan:
  • :hs_venus:
  • :hs_witch_jody:
  • :hs_yeti:
  • :hs_zombear:

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P.S. We can’t fit all the options in the poll so some of the item objects are not included. But if they’re your favorite, please comment below to vouch for them!



Chillana and parrot !! Best characters everrrrr!


i am not an og hopscotcher but i must say how the hopscotch app is designed feels super great and immerse, and the blocks are easily understandable for a beginner. i definitely love the latest update’s new blocks, because they gave tons of potential, from watercolor art pad to trail platformers :D


I did SLOTH Dino and Bear.
I feel like bear is one of many faces of hopscotch, so I had to choose him over monkey.


I love Chillana too! I also voted for Octo and Frog.

I will tell you more about my favorite feature/change of Hopscotch at the livestream!


My favorite change is DEFINITELY the seed block being accessible! I’ve always wanted it ever since I knew about it so I check every day to see if there’s a chance to get it and I was so excited when I found out about it! I love having my games feel real and immersive now that I can get seeds off of my games and also people actually now have to work for things in my game since they can’t cheat in the code hehe


Wow! Congratulations on 10 yearssss


My favorite has to be the Text Manipulation feature. It’s such a useful feature for a lot of projects I’ve made.


Banyan my beloved. <3
:hs_banyan: :hs_banyan: :hs_banyan: :hs_banyan: :hs_banyan: :hs_banyan: :hs_banyan:


Lol the elf is probably the best imo haha


bear and toucan!


strings and the scope of variables help to make it easier to code complex things


You have to have strings at least


whoever doesn’t pick racoon is lying to themselves


Complete honesty… Banyan practically built my coding experience. Not only do I remember the fact that would show up on a loading screen about Alexander the Great and Banyan but I used Banyan in so many projects. Although Banyan is just a simple tree to some, to me the lad was there for me. Need a more detailed background other than a couple thick trail art lines? Banyan. Want to make a moving background without dealing with a bunch of random variables and lines? Banyan. Need a simple and easy item/symbol that isn’t just a random shape or character? Banyan. Banyan is always there for you! A mighty tree for such an amazing app. Definitely the best item object and deserves so many vouches. A true shame Banyan is not in the polls but understandable as Banyan would be winning by too much and not give the other objects a chance.
:hs_banyan: banyan :hs_banyan:

I love Banyan


This is hard to pick!

These are some memorable/quirky ones for me:

  • The first change I remember being really excited about was the inclusion of Check If blocks – Hopscotch actually used to not have them!
    • So to do something like “Check if Score > 10”, people used to have to use almost invisible objects and make them Move Forward a bit whenever you collect a coin or something, to make the “score” go up. When it finally moved forward far enough to bump another object, then your condition is true.
    • People also used to use Repeat blocks to do something like state machines
  • One of my fav features was the small preview window that would preview the code of your current object. This was really useful for trail drawings, but it got removed before Hopscotch 3.0 around 2015 or so. When I asked the team at the time, it was not used that much sadly.

Ton of other features – like clones, abilities/custom rules, self variables, new characters, custom colours, sounds & custom images, scenes, local variables and parameters – that have been added over the years since I first started around the 1st anniversary as a kid, but those are some funny/interesting ones I remember off the top of my head.


As for my favorite Hopscotch characters, I voted:

:hs_bird: :hs_cupcake: :hs_miss_chief:
:hs_star_girl: :hs_yeti: :hs_reindeer:

  • Bird is my avatar in Hopscotch and on the forum
  • Miss Chief used to be part of in-app purchase Jungle characters, and I got her back then

That’s awesome to hear and also there’s not really such thing as an “og hopscotcher” :D

I downloaded Hopscotch on 31 March 2014 when I was in school and started using it in the months afterwards, and pretty much almost everyone from my time has left or moved on from Hopscotch. And anyways for example you and many others today know so many techniques about coding projects in Hopscotch that I never did! We all are always learning so it doesn’t matter who is og or not^^


Bear and Raccoon are my favorite Hopscotch characters!

And voting for Zombear should be a no brainer lol.



I love Penguin, Bear, and Ghoulopus the most!