Celebrate anything here!



This topic is so the forum doesn't get clogged because so many people post a new topic for each thing they have done. Here you can post that you got featured, it's your birthday, anything you want to celebrate. My goal is to still have it be celebrated the same as it would be if you created a new topic.

Wait @trust_level_4 do you think this is a good idea?


Happy celebrate on hopscotch day!!


This is a cool topic idea! Dunno if it's been done before (reminds me of Post your WOAH moments)
Possible celebrators: tankt and bb-b :wink:


Happy International Chicken Wing Day!
EDIT: Make a chicken wing on Hopscotch to celebrate!


Oooooh! Party topic (activates disco lights)
Let's just keep it hopscotch related so the leaders/mods don't have to crash the party (close the topic) lol jk