CDP Topic 2 [OFFICIAL] Figuring out this "problem"



Hey @CDP I made a new topic cause the last one got kinda old. I am so mad about that deleted draft! Do we have a hacker?? IDK


I think that we don't have a hacker, since we shared the details in a pm.....I think the draft got deleted because of this update...


But NONE of my drafts have gotten deleted bc of the new update


That's odd.... :thinking:

Maybe because we were working on it for quite a few weeks, and I had gotten the beta update and logged into the account....

I'm not quite sure


So...anyways.....are we going to do another project, or start this pixel pad all over?


Let's just start the cactus project and I will probably email THT


Okay that's fine :smiley:

I can't start it now...


I am starting the draft BTW I am on a phone so it will be a iPhone draft


Okay then...


I am going to go onto the account to see if the draft that you posted is there. If it is, I will add some more to it. If not, we need to contact THT about this.
Edit: I went on the account and checked – the project was there. Let’s talk about what is going to happen in the cactus game.