CB leaving the forum (BACK)


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So yeah, the title says it all, bye
(I'm not leaving cause of the profile pic thing :3 )
See ya

The reason I'm leavin.g
A few weeks ago when I was at school and on the forum a girl was like:"omg, u do hopscotch too?!...what's ur account?!"
I was like CB
And she's like"omg I'm a fan of u .......I can't believe we actually can meet in person!
I was like thx, me neither
So I started talking to her
And one day, she was like, u shouldn't waste ur talent in the forum, u should post it on deviantart or sth
And "u and us people on the forum aren't even the same level"
After, we became friends
She started saying things like
"How u sooo good at art, I'm so jelly
"U got so much like on that doodle, even though it's just a doodle.

Finally, I realized that she doesn't like me
She doesn't like me showing sth she can't draw and saying it's just a doodle
She doesn't like me showing off
She doesn't like me been on the forum and getting likes
She doesn't like me not practicing and getting so good at art
(Idk I don't think I'm that good)

Maybe I did hurt other ppl I like I did to her




whAT profile pic thing? WGAT HUH WHYYYYYY


Maybe I'll be back in a few years with better art









i don't get it,, O-o


Y do u want to leave?



Why are you leaving? D:


Wut wut wut wut wut wut senpai is leaving wat do I do


ultra-super-triple gasp
also, bye... ;-;


Bai then

To be completely honest, I'm starting to care less when people leave.

Everyone has a role on the Forum. And speaking of the truth, someone else takes over his/her place when that person leaves.

No hard feelings here.


A girl left my new school the year I came and I feel like I replaced her and that makes me feel bad but my friend keeps telling me that I'm awesome and I shouldn't feel bad because her dad got a new job


Don't go.
The only reason I draw is because of YOU.
It doesn't matter what your haters think, because their haters.
It matters what your fans think. And we love you.





I've been a fan for a long time, and I'm sad to see you go.

To be honest, though, your art is amazing, and the only way to get from zero to being that amazing is through practice.

So you've done lots of practice, you've gotten to be as good as you are, and if you're proud enough of even your thirty-second doodles to post them online, be our guest.

It shouldn't matter what other people think. If they think you're "showing off" by being proud of your art, their opinion isn't even valid. "Showing off" is defined by repeatedly telling everyone how good your art is, and never once have I seen you do that.

Long essay-thing short, you can't control how many likes you get, or how good the people think your art is. You can't control it if people think invalid opinions about you. You can only control your art, and you can only control your own opinion of yourself.

Don't let that opinion become negative.

It's your decision to leave, but the drawing topic will be a bleak and desolate land without you.



Noo! ;-;


Son u can't leave look peeps in school did this too mean for lots of reasons don't let em get u down


You're really amazing at art! I love how you draw, you're an inspiration! I'm not envious of you, I think you're one of the best artists in the whole world!
You should keep working! I love seeing your art on the drawing topics and running out of likes just liking all of them! Please don't leave!


Noooo :00000