CB(Colourful black's) art club!



hurry! go check out my CB art club sign in! register ends at Feb 21st! but if u are too late, i will start the register again next week! so don't worry!:slightly_smiling:
way to register: remix one of my drawing pad drawing, draw your own drawing and name it CB art club! :slightly_smiling:
if u have any questions, please ask me!
P.S. if u love art, join the club! it has many fun challenges and it's easy to win! :wink:


BTW i will announce the members on Feb 21st too:blush:


I'd love to join! I'll do the drawing after. You're an amazing drawer!!!!


@ColourfulBlack what is your HS username
I would like to sign up :wink:


still the same!:slightly_smiling:
20 characters long.....


I'm coming! :stuck_out_tongue: Signing up! :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm not here to join your club, but to comment on how I adore your drawings! Keep up the good work! :+1:🏻


guys! the first CB art club challenge is coming up! please participate!:slightly_smiling: