Causing Hopscotch to crash


I was wondering how limited Hopscotch was, and how long it would take to cause the app to crash. Since I do not have an iPad at the moment I was hoping somebody could test this out for me.


Sure. I’m having a competition soon for who can break hs the most and the fastest. It’ll he held in three days and will go on for two weeks. If you can wait that’s long, you’ll get your answer

Thanks for the invite, @Petrichor

@poppy, you can wait, right?.


yes. I have time.
thank you.


Yeah, no prob.


Most of the time when there are projects that make you crash, THT fixes it.


I’m not saying they don’t. I’m just wondering, what are the current limits to the Hopscotch app right now.


no one knows. at least i don’t


Well, we’ll find out in the next two weeks.


Lol I’ve got a clever project…
Also, do you look at every new topic too?


@Petrichor will win the competition!


Maybe. But I’ll try to break it more than him.


Good luck


Thank you

But, aren’t you trying to break it more than him, too?


I mean, well idk. Because idk how a pixel art would break Hopscotch, unless you did one with millions of pixels lol


I already know how to make Hopscotch crash.


Not just crash, like, practically break it

With a HUGE game or GIANT pixel art or something


This might be hard to do on purpose. It has happened for other people when they didn’t want to cause a crash. If you think about it, it is actually harder than you might think.