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This is my topic about — well, anything related to Hopscotch!

You can ask me questions, see what I'm making, get/give coding advice, help me decide something, and even more on this topic!

The things above say about everything!


I have decided to stay on my Catface4 account almost all the time now!
That means you will be seeing lots more projects on my Catface4 account. A while ago, it was just an account I went on every once in a while.


So, this kind of goes way back. Back when Yummy Muffin did website requests! I tried making a scrollable website, and I loved it! So, I took requests. When I look at what I did back then, here's my face:
I think I have improved since then. Now, I am making another. I just think it is fun! Do you guys think I should take scrollable requests in the summer?
(It won't let me make over one poll, and I don't know how to name it!
[poll name=Which one?]
- Yes!
- No, I know you on Hopscotch, and you have a busy schedule.
- No! Never!


So, I've been thinking about something. Should I start a coding "school"?
Not because it's a fad, but because I want to help people learn. This next sentence may sound off topic, but it leads to an on topic sentence. So, in one of my soccer practices a few weeks ago, only me and two other girls showed up. A "guest" coach said, "This is like, a strike practice. We get to work with them a lot more." Should I start a coding school with only five students, so I can work on their coding weaknesses more?

  • Yes!
  • Nah.
  • No! And don't expect to ever become a teacher irl either!


Well, that's about it! Thanks for reading this far! My hand and arms are aching right now, so I hope the aching was worth it.

Happy Hopscotching!
═ Catface4


Question: What do you usually do in hopscotch?


Well, I thought I did an assortment of coding projects, but now that I scroll way down, I guess I mostly draw. But I do still code.


All these rules! I cannot change it (poll names) after the first five minutes!
I'll just copy and paste it I guess



I need help editing a poll. It is in the first post, the one I typed at the top. As you can see, I failed to make two polls. Could you edit that one part to make it say "[poll name=#1] so I can have two polls?



What is 9+10?


Well, 1+9=10 and if you add a 0 then you get 100.

(Jk. Totally 19)


Hey guys! I'm creating a match 3 game! But, the code I was thinking is not yet possible in Hopscotch :frowning:. Anyone know what code could help me? Thanks!


tag list



A match 3 game meaning a game like candy crush.


My friend joined Hopscotch! She is lizzypotter9! Please check her out!


My new website!

I just created a new website! Please go check it out!
Hope you like it!

Laugh out loud...

Laughter out loud again...


Okay... does anyone have any


they want to ask me?


Anyone? Any thing?


Hey guys!

I just wanted to say I would not be on tomorrow. I have some things in details for you guys to read!

Not on tomorrow

I just wanted to say I would not be on tomorrow. Well, I might be in the morning, but probably not.

  1. I am doing my second ever pixel art! It is some grapes. It is 28 lines. But it's a step up. My first was on my TastyCucumber, an account I strictly code on, was 3 colors, and twelve lines.

  2. I am creating a game where you destroy evil vegetables. Weird, right? Well, I'm a weird Hopscotcher! :joy: I haven't quite decided on the name though.


Have any questions, requests, etcetera? Please tell me on this topic! Also, just want to tell you to...

have a good day!

See you next time!

↝ Catface4


Hai! c:

You invited me here. :0

Do you need any help? :3


Well, I love your trail art, and your very good at stuff like details. Do you think there are any ways I can improve this?


I'm out of likes, so here! <3

I'll take a look. c:


Wow! Those are so cute. :3

I love them as they are! :0

Maybe you could add a little shine on the corners of the foods. c:

I would tell you how, but I'm in the middle of coding a really advanced trail art. :0


You can't name a poll that way, you've done it wrong. It's

[poll type=multiple max=__ min=__ name=#1]
- options