Catface4 Post: What to make?


3-Sin & Cos experiments
4-A Hopscotch Series
5-A drawing pad

Depending on how much votes one gets, I will do that first on the account. I am not on my Catface4 account often anymore, so I need ideas for when I do go on. Make sure to check out my other accounts: McAlisha & TheDecemberTiger. If you think there is something else I should do instead of any of these, tell me and I'll consider it!


You can make a poll by doing this @Catface4


- Choice 1

- Choice 2

I'll help you with that...

  • Website

  • Game

  • Sin and Cos Experiments

  • A Hopscotch Series

  • A Drawing pad




Thanks! I am not experienced here and didn't know how to do that. :joy: