Catface (animated cat) Topic



Here we can make projects related to the Animated cat, Catface!

You can find the episodes on youtube.
I recommend only watching them if you are like quite mature, because it can get a little inappropriate.
Here is my catface trail art!

Some other characters:

Box cat! Literally a cat that never leaves its box!


I made a Camouflage Catface!


What do you mean exactly by mature? I'm eleven.


Idk, it has some inappropriate concepts and language sometimes.
I will go watch some eps to see
Because I do remember some inappropriate stuff.


Well, my parents let me watch Glee...anyone who watches it too will know some of the stuff in it.


Ok, I looked at a parental review of glee and don't think catface is worse.


Okay, thanks! I may watch it then.


Great trail art! :D


How did you find this topic its so ded lol
Did u search your username or something



I recently made a topic, and I put my username in. I found a tag called spreadcatface and I was like wat??

So I searched it up and found the topics w/ the tag spreadcatface.




I agree XD