Categorising topics into new categories


Hello I have been seeing @MR.GAM3R and @Rawrbear helping to move topics and asking/posting a note in the topic before doing so :smiley: I have been wanting to do the same/help out but I was afraid about sort of interrupting people's conversations, however, I think they did it really nicely :relaxed:

Is there anything that anyone else is thinking? :smiley: I guess just posting this, more people might be aware anyway. I have also mentioned to THT about maybe reopening the #help category for a bit so we can move some topics that we'd like to recategorise, this was after I saw a number of people had asked


Can I pls help (u) t1 as well?
Pls say yes to this poll if u allow me to categorise ur topics !


I will help with this :smiley:


Ooh yes of course :smile: I just had an idea that you could tag me/invite me.
I had had the idea that regulars could move categories, but now I realise people could ask the original topic posters as well :smiley:


I like your idea of opening help with code so we can move our topics.


What do you mean move topics?


@t1_hopscotch meant that she wanted to make topics in the deprecated #help category recoverable for users in order for them to be movable to the new categories. :)


Meet new friends, collaborate on ideas, announce your newest project or library, and get to know other Hopscotchers.

Hmm do you think we could move general topics and new project announcements to #random-stuff instead? I was thinking because I tend to visit categories to browse topics particularly for that purpose but other people do have other ideas too :relaxed:


I was wondering this myself. Personally I muted the #random-stuff category so all the general topics won't show up in my main Latest feed, but however I do want new project announcements to show up.


I kinda need help with recategorising. I've lost my Feedback Topic. I don't know where to put my Languages of the Hops Topic. All my GTs belong in #random-stuff I guess...