Cat Meme Competition! Join Now! Need more competitors!



Cat Meme Contest!

What is this?
This Cat Meme Contest will be a competition of memes.

You’ll be assigned to one of two teams: Team Tardar Sauce and Team Pokey.
The two teams will compete in matches.
Each match will have one player pitted against another. Each player will find one hilarious meme, then the community will vote on which meme is funnier.
The person with the funnier meme will go compete against the winner of another match using the same meme, and so on, until there is a final match where the two winners of Team Tardar Sauce and Team Pokey compete.

The number of matches depends on how many people join. It has to be an even number of people. I’ll ask you which team you want to be on, but I may move you to the other team to even it out if I have to.


  1. No memes with bad words, even ones where the vowels in the word are censored out with asterisks.
  2. They must be cat memes. There can be other animals in there too, but there must be a cat.
  3. Only memes. No GIFs, sorry.
  4. No memes that are directed at any forumer. Be aware that any memes posted should NOT be directed at anyone.
  5. You and your team can help each other with the memes. I’ll make team discussion topics.
  6. You can make a meme or find one online.
    Failure to abide by the rules may result in being disqualified.

Sign-up Form
Do you like cat memes:
What team do you prefer to be on, Team Pokey or Team Tardar Sauce:
Will you not insult anyone with these memes:
Will you not post memes with bad words:
Will you be nice:
Will you follow the rules:

How To Make A Meme
Method 1: Download a meme-maker app.
Method 2: Download ibisPaint X. Yes, I know that’s a drawing app, but it works for memes and photo collages too.
Create a canvas from a photo of a cat and make a new layer. Put your text on that layer in the position you want to put it in. Select the font Noto Sans CJK JP Black.
Align the text to the center and make it whatever size you want.
Make the text color white and the stroke color black, and make the text stroke width 8. You should have a textface that looks like the usual meme textface.

Example of finished result

I’ll be competing too!

Team Tardar Sauce

Named after Grumpy Cat, whose actual name is Tardar Sauce.


Match 1 — Team Tardar Sauce
@tankt2016 vs. @PartTimeFemale

Team Pokey

Named after Grumpy Cat’s brother, Pokey.


Match 1 — Team Pokey
@GameCodingCrazy123 vs. @Toxiccato



It’s okay. But could you please at least put that in a drop down box? : )


Okay, then could you please delete it?


Lol this was meant as a joke


This is getting quite off topic. I fail to observe the correlation between coding and hopscotch, and this meme contest. I might as well post my to kill a milking bird essay here and ask someone to proofread. But actually, should I? I mean its due tomorrow and I’m typing it right now, and I’m in need of assistance in making sure it is not a complete failure…
Sign-up Form
Do you like cat memes: sure
Will you not insult anyone with these memes: sure
Will you post memes with bad words: sure, all the time this shall not happen
Will you be nice: sure
Will you follow the rules: sure


Here you go. I don’t care which team I’m on.


@Aariv Do you realize you used a double negative and agreed to using bad words? You said no to “will you NOT post memes with bad words”. So…



I think you should join this.


Okay, you’re in, @XAMANION and @Aariv (even though there’s the double negative, you wouldn’t post bad word memes)! What team do you want to be on, Team Tardar Sauce or Team Pokey?




@PartTimeFemale, @Toxiccato, you guys are in!


Whats up guys. Whats going on here


Welcome back to the forum!
Not much has gone on since you last posted.
There was a flame war, and that’s about it.


Yeet Yeet whats up guys!!



Is it too late to join??? LOL


Sorry, I think this thing is dead.


I bet it’s to late to join by oh well!


Oh… okay. :grinning: Ignore The other post then.


Is this still going?