Cast needed for my hopscotch book!



You may have seen my other topic, but I am writing a book about the country of hopscotch, and there are multiple kingdoms like featured, trending, and rising. Suddenly, the original hopscotch characters run away out of the country, no one has been out of the country of hopscotch, until 5 brave friends venture out to rescue the characters.
I will need
3 main characters,
2 people for the king and queen
5 people for the min character's neighbors
2 people for the main character's parents
People for residents of kingdoms

Main characters FULL

-Evangeline (me)
-Kristi (@SparkyKat)
-Astrid (@Sparkczy)
-Wren (@Giraffedolphin26)
-Stick (@Stick88)

King and Queen FULL:
-Queen: Emanuelle (@seawolfwerehorse)
-King: Titan (@WinningMonkey)
Parents FULL;
-Trudy (@tankt2016)
- pfudar (@princess_of_the_pugs)
Friend of Main character
-Aaron (@TheLogoMaster)
Inritus: character along travels (@GysvANDRegulus)
Velveeta Keeta: pops around and sells things (@Calico2.0)

Friendly mass tag list



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What is your name and personality?


Can I be...someone? XD


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Of course you can! :smiley:


I'll be.. a main character I guess?
Idk I don't feel important enough for this role :stuck_out_tongue:
I'll give you my personality and stuff if I can be one :slight_smile:


You can be one! Thank you so much for asking. :smile:


You know what, I'm feeling a bit selfish right now, so I'll take...
some important person the main characters meet when they're venturing, duh
Or one of the main characters, who knows?
If I can be one, that is....


Sure! I will add you. What is your characters name and personality?


I'll be... A main character! Yay! Stealin the good spots from all you famous people. I know what I said about the break, I'm just gonna be on for a little while longer.

Name is Astrid, I guess :pp
Personality is harsh, keeps to herself, idk


What is your name and personality of your character?


I guess I'll go by Wren (my go-to name for everything XD)
Quirky and nerdy, doubts herself a lot, makes bad puns all the time, also puts herself down a lot, afraid of losing control, has very little panic attacks (but still has them sometimes), always wants to do better, tries her hardest at anything, doesn't really have a unique talent but is fairly good at various things, is quite shy when meeting new people, talks to herself a lot, never listens to her first instinct.
Oh and her hair is aqua :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol sorry that took a while to write :stuck_out_tongue:
You posted that as I was in the midst of writing


(Raises hand) can I be a main character?


Yep! You took the last place, what is the name and personality of your character?


Name: Stick
Personality: Hates drawing, like programming, eats potatoes, smart, very forgetful, cracks when angry, and likes video games...


Main characters are taken. Sorry guys! There are so many important characters though.


(Struggles for a not-star-related name)
Inritus (not star-related, at least to my knowledge)
Somewhat reckless, ruthless, tired, stubborn, feels they could do so much more, knows what's up (power, emotions, general thoughts) with others, but feels so helpless and so tired that they don't even try to try to try to try to try to tell others (repeat helpless and tired 1000 times) to help others
But guess what else?
Hopeful and strategic


I need a lot more people, should I use the friendly mass tag list?