Cartoon Icon/Wallpaper Topic



Ok you're probably wondering what the topic name suggests:

  • Yaya!!


If so I am making things like this:

So if you would like your very own state of the art cartoon icon/wallpaper then don't hesitate and reply with this filled out form:


Person who you want to do it
@Redo122 or @Crazy119

Key words on what you want us to create

A Title (Optional)

Thanx And Stay Redoing!!


I added the tag, but you need to edit out the part at the end, regulars can't edit people's posts :3


I don't think that will work because this is in Help with Code so only some tags seem to be allowed sorry


Ok I have everything set up also @Crazy119 my siser will also be doing some as she is better than me.


I just found the beautiful beach wallpaper for you, or you can go to the home page to see more.


depends on what you need


Doesn’t that website in your bio have any suitable wallpapers?