Carry On My Wayward Friends


So, I'm le.aving the forums and Hopscotch. It's not that I don't feel accepted, (well, I did feel attacked by a couple people) but it's taking away from my school work, social life, and mental health. I don't want you guys to stop the LGBT education, or stop being your fabulous selves. Destroy the homphobes, educate the uneducated, spread happiness, and don't forget my name. The world's gonna know my name. I hope I've left a legacy. I'm giving the honor of telling my story to @Sparkczy (look on the doc for more info) and I have one last request. Remember me. I'll be here just a little longer, until @Liza replies to my email.

Just to clear things up

I will carry on :) You've brought amazing things to the community, thanks for starting the education on LGBT+!


Thank you for accepting me so whole heartedly. I greatly appreciate it.


Of course i'll remember you! You are a totally amazing person with a story to tell, and we've all been listening. We care about you, always remember that. >3


What?? No! You have brought so much to this forum! I'll miss you so much!
And pretty much everything @OnceUponATime said :smile:


You have done amazing things to me and the community. You have done us well. Thank you for that.

I will miss you, and I will try to carry on with what you have left us.

Goodbye, and good luck!


You have left a legacy greater than any other hopscotcher. We will spread the word, and teach what needs to be teached. Farewell, my good friend. I hope to see you soon. ;-;


I respect your decision and I wish you the best! I hope in a while you'll pop in and say hello once in a while :D

Words can't begin to describe the worlds of good you've done for me and all the other LGBT+ hopscotchers growing up in a society that tells them they can't be who they are. In the time you've spent here, you've given us a safe place to find and talk with kids in our age group who are going through the same thing, or at least supports us. Thank you for everything you've done for us!

edit: I've taken the liberty of inviting the active members on the list from The LGBT Members of the Community thread ^^


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Bye! Support or not, you left a new understanding on our community!


I'll miss you, thank you for educating and introducing so many Hopscotchers to the LGBTQ+ community


What? No! Please stay. We just started the club... You're one of my best friends...


We will remember you and leave a mark on the forum in the best way possible!

I hope you can come back, maybe this summer!



Have fun!

Sorry you half to leave!


I'm bisexual like you are! Not pansexual though! Please don't leave, you're a huge inspiration and you helped me figure out my true sexuality. Over the years I've liked girls but I've also liked boys and I thought I was pansexual but I can't feel attraction to all the genders! I'm bisexual! You were very nice to me and we'll never forget you.
You have left a legacy greater than any Hopscotchear ever has. I will never forget you or your name.


I respect your decision and wish you the best.
Your bisexual bestie,
Potter Productions


:disappointed: well bye I will make sure EVERY EVENT on @PopTart0219 s acc will be celebrated with colors and you will be remebered


I will remember you. You educated me and I promise to carry out your legacy for you! I accept you and other members of the LGBTQ+ comunity! Thank you for being a part of the hopscotch and forum comunity @LGBT.Coder


I don't think I can even put it in words how much you have impacted and inspired this community. Thank you, so much, for opening up our eyes.
You will be missed.


Too bad. You have made a difference. We will never forget you. And we will not unfollow you when cleaning out our following tab. :stuck_out_tongue:


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