Carrot Lines? EXPLAINED


Everyone has seen the carrot lines on their latest or newest tab. The most people responded with topics like 'Carrot Line?',
But here it is, explained!
See the middle of the carrot line? It says 'last visit' That means, below are the topics you saw during your last visit, and above are the topics from your current visit. Doesn't explain enough? Just ask for clarity. :DDD

What is this line?!?
How do you make a tag?

Cool! Very interesting. Now I shall never ponder on why there are orange lines. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! I have always been wondering about that line...


I think the "last visit" word is new. Never noticed it before! (I'm pretty sure the forums got an update yesterday with some changed stuff)


Da eveel Carrot line!!!


U are so funny
Btw cool


Yeah, the words are new :D



did somebody say mah name

Oh and that makes sense thanks