Cara club first challenge



Hi CARA club!! Here is our first challenge: draw something that represents you in our four styles, Chibi, anime, realistic, and abstract. Draw it in grayscale. It can be on paper or digital. Have fun!! @caraclub


I'm grounded so I can't post.


when is the deadline


yes when?


Tuesday, June 13 is the deadline.


That is fine.


alright thx @svmaddy26


I'm almost done I just have to do the abstract


I just noticed the due date is my dad's birthday. XD


well here it is
sorry for the bad lighting XD


Due date today!! @caraclub


I'll try to get the challenge in by today
I have a flight to catch, so I'll do my best! I might not finish until like 11 at night but no mater ^^


That's fine!!


Can I get it in by today? I'm almost finished, I just have a lot of school so I don't have much time.


Yes that is fine. As long it is finished in like 3-5 hours from now.


Well in that case I can't. School ends in 9 hours (starts in a few minutes) and I can't use any electronic devices at school. Sorry.


Oh sorry, can you finish tomorrow?


I will be on vacation so it doesn't really matter.


Hi is this a thing where anyone can join?
I'm sorry but I am new so I don't know much about this


Yes just fill this out
Sign ups
Do you like to draw?
How well do you draw things in Chibi?
How well do you draw things in Anime?
How well do you draw things realistically?
How are your abstract drawings?
Will you compete in challenges?
Are you okay with being tagged?
If you fill this out you are fine. Add yourself to the group called caraclub if you are okay with being tagged.