Cara club 2nd challenge!



@caraclub The 2nd challenge is to draw your favorite animal in our four styles. It is due by July 1st. Also, if anyone would like to draw something to be used as our profile picture, that would be great!! (Sort of like a mini challenge that you Don't have to do, due July 10th)


@caraclub are you doing this?






I guess I will have to make the deadline longer @caraclub. The new deadline is July 20. I am excited to see your entries!


Any entries @caraclub? Should I make the deadline longer? Also if anyone else feel free to join by filling this:
Cara stands for Chibi, Anime, Realistic, Abstract; The styles we draw in.
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Do you like to draw?
How well do you draw things in Chibi?
How well do you draw things in Anime?
How well do you draw things realistically?
How are your abstract drawings?
Will you compete in challenges?
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I'll have to leave the club, really sorry.


It is fine. No one really cares anyway.