Car is only driving in one direction


The car can go up and down just fine but only drives to the left.
Any help would be appreciated!


(I’m assuming the car is Bear?)

I think the direction the rectangle is aimed in is the direction Bear will go in, I don’t see anything wrong with it if that’s what you were going for.


Wouldn’t this

Work with any velocity, with a positive value meaning forward and a negative value meaning backward?



Try @Petrichor ´s solution above :smile:


I saw that you remixed my project with a fix but you removed it before I could open it ;( I don’t understand what you mean by a negative value being backwards


I saved it as a draft.
What I mean is that you have the car at a specific angle. When you change the velocity, because of how you have the movement set up it will always move in that angle if the velocity is positive, and the opposite way otherwise. You set the velocity based on that angle.
So let’s say you have the car facing left. Increasing the velocity moves it left. If you have it facing right, increasing the velocity moves it right.
But you have it decrease the velocity when it’s facing right, which would have the opposite effect: moving it left.