Car game crashes



I fixed it





y u do dis





Ok, so like this?

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@CreationsOfaNoob can you create a topic on your mc project? I see some bugs and peeps can discuss it




Lol of course it would crash on a first generation iPad that thing only goes up to iOS 5.1.1


@CreationsOfaNoob pls


Sorry had to eat dinner :confused:


We tried to played it and it crashed on our newer iPad. Don't know what kind it is, though. And we only got it in November. Around the same time, we joined Hopscotch.
Going to try it again…
New software.


Try playing the latest version, and see if that works :thumbsup:🏼


Yeah, I played the game that got on Featured—it crashed.


Search for Car game 1.2 or something... That's the latest version!


Found it.
Played it.
Didn't crash.
Don't know how to play it.
But it's a cool game!
Tip: Add instructions in the next version.


Play by tilting your device.
Good idea! :thumbsup:🏼


Can someone help me to make a good car in my game!
Here is the link:
I give credits!