Car game crashes



Yeah I know it works most of the times. But I think it's not supposed to crash at all...


Yeah, it sometimes glitches out and quits on me, or just lags really bad.


The lagging is like on every drive. After I am on the project for a little bit, it speeds up and gets better.


Does my version work? @Gilbert189


Also, @CreationsOfaNoob, great job with the design of the game!


Wow, @MagmaPOP, yours works perfectly and loads really quick. Can you tell me how you got it to do that?


He put blocks like set angle or color after setting size blocks. Setting angle, color or position to a very big block creates a lot of lag. That was "noobish"... See what I did there?


Okay, so set angle and color before you make them big. Cool! I see what you did there....


Position too if possible, but it wasn't possible in his project.


Okay, thanks for the help!:wink:


Ittt...... drumroll please........

works a bit on MagmaPOPs version but it is very LAGGY!!!



Works for me too, i have iPad air (1)


Thanks for helping @MagmaPOP ! I'm gonna put that in future versions. Do you want any credit?


The game works for me on iPad Air!


crashed on an iPad 4! every single time! call me an idi ot but to my knowledge that's the newest plain iPad there is, (as in not iPad mini, pro, air)

@magmapop's version works!
=D I'm liking both of them though now that I know how the game works!


Nah, I got over 100 likes for like two minutes work... That is way more than enough! :wink:


Mine crashed on my iPad Air but works on my iPad 2:


How did you make the voting thing @CreationsOfaNoob?


Do this:
- 1
- 2
- 3
But you MUST have two "l's" on the bottom "/poll @AwesomeJediE


What do you mean?