Car game crashes



By tilting your device. :slightly_smiling:


@Gabe_N did you voted?


also my mom recenty vacuumed up my power cord!
it looks like ill work but its busted



All of your iPad Airs are crashing, but it didn't crash on my 3-year-old iPad Mini :P


I have an iPad air
and iPad mini

crashed on both, every time i tried. (I tried 16 times on both accounts)

Judging that its on featured, Im sure its a pretty cool game!


It did not crash on my iPad mini 4 :wink:


Ummm There is no iPad Pro 4 :wink:




Never crashed on my IPad Air 2


Yes there is and I have it


I mean iPad Air 4:expressionless:


ipad 1 and it crashed asap
Yes I know I have a old ipad...


Umm Do you mean an iPad mini 4? There is no iPad air 4 :wink:


No I'm am definitely sure it even said on the box


Hmmm I see only rumours of a iPad Air 3 :wink:


But we should stop arguing!


There's no iPad Air 4 I searched on and it said no results


New Version Available

So as I said, I tried to debug the game and found a way to make it work.
Now I would like to know how the new version works.

  • It works!
  • It doesn't work...



The new one crashes as well... I've tried to fix it. So there's a remix on my channel! :wink: @CreationsOfaNoob


It works for me, but I have an iPad Air 2.