Car game crashes



Recently, I made a car game on our new iPad pro (it's featured), but when I tested it on our older iPad and my iPhone 5s it crashed. So now I want to see how it works for others!

  • Crashed on iPad Pro
  • Worked on iPad Pro
  • Crashed on older iPad
  • Worked on older iPad
  • Crashed on iPhone 6
  • Worked on iPhone 6
  • Crashed on older iPhone
  • Worked on older iPhone



I'm not on the iPad pro but I am on a iPad and it does crash but a couple times I got it to work


It crashes on my iPad Air, It's a year old, but it's very fast and in good shape. I wish I could check the code, but it crashes almost instantly 🙁


I'm on the iPad Air 1st generation, and it crashes.


Hmm... Thanks for the feedback.
I will try to find out what's the problem...


Whoa same here :frowning:
Me, you, and Poptart0219 have the same iPad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


iPad Pro 4...........still crashes :confused:
(It makes sense I have a BRAND NEW iPad Christmas just passed)


I don't know why it's crashing. We tested it on an iPhone 6 and it crashed.


Right now I am also using a iPad air


Your game is too good for Hopscotch that I can't even try it @CreationsOfaNoob!!!!!


It does this before it crashes:

Maybe there is too much code?




I'm gonna try to debug it tomorrow.


That's even weirder... It worked on our iPad Pro...🤔


Woah! Just got it to work on my iPhone 5s! :open_mouth:
I tried a couple times and it worked the last one!


It never crashed on my iPad Air 2!


I know why it crashes @CreationsOfaNoob, too many things are growing and they are growing too big too fast. It was the same deal with the Surgeon Simulator, it crashed and was laggy for me.

Also, what color of phone? I got silver and I've met 4 other people who also has silver


I've also been thinking about that, and i'm gonna test it out tomorrow.


@CreationsOfaNoob how do you steer?


and it never crashed on my ioad mini first gen which just turned one year old from chrstmas and its been short circuited my water I think AND IT STILL WORKS!