Captains for team olympics


Team captains
USA: @EnchantedAnimallover
U.K. @SmileyAlyssa
Canada: @happyfacegirl

So the order to
Pick will be ( totally random)
1. Canada
3. Usa
4. UK
So Canada picks first then Germany then USa then UK In the second round, U.K. picks then usa then Germany then Canada

Ppl needed to be picked :


So Canada get start picking right when I post this. Once u pick someone, I will remove their name from THIS list

Pixel art
Trail art
Coolest background
Sins and cos
Olympic themed project ( this can be anything new as long as it is Olympic themed)

The rest of the events don't need to be Olympic themed

Captains, please assign the players on ur team one of the events

Anybody who is dough prizes please getter prizes ready.

Captains once ur team is picked, please make a topic for your team where you can assign events and give tips to each other

The deadline for projects is August 14th at 5 pm ( est time zone)
You may start your projects right when you are assigned ur event

So I will be at camp the whole day so I won't be able to update the list and cross ppl out when they are picked. So captains until I get back please pay attention to who the other person picked.

Canada members - @DreamerGirl @DA-BEASTY @TheRealBlah @happyfacegirl @thebestest
USA members @EnchantedAnimallover @RobotPro @Snoopy @TheRainbowChicken @Niftynia75
Germany members @BB-Box @xXBARNSLEYFCXx @WinningMonkey @KatrinaPlays @Silverdolphin
Great Britain member @Sensei_Coder @SmileyAlyssa @Potter_Head @Goobrgrlrye @KoolM123

U.K. team for Hopscotch Olympics! 🇬🇧

Ooh, Smiley Alyssa is U.K! Even though, it's not supposed to represent where we come from, I'm from uk!
(That's quite confusing, just ignore this post)


Oh that's so cool. Maybe she will pick u so then u will be on your home country


I was surprised by that too!! :flag_gb:


Ok, hold on, im choosing!


Lets pick... @thebestest!




No smileyalyssa is a different captain @KVJ I'm German.:smirk:


K my go . I pick @WinningMonkey


Who's go is it to pick?
Oh it's USA, @EnchantedAnimallover's turn


Please pick

@SmileyAlyssa you may pick after

Guys please pick quickly


pancakes join request?


I pick @RobotPro! :D


Wait so I'm Germany :flag_de:


@SmileyAlyssa its your pick

The sooner the captains pick, the sooner it starts


Sorry for taking so long!

Yay! UK! :smiley:
Lemme see...


I really don't want to pick one person :joy:

@KoolM123 it looks like you are from the UK so wanna be on my team?


Ur pick again! Good luck!


Sorry, what does that mean. Do u want to join?


@Sensei_Coder? :smiley: