Can't See Projects? Stuck in the filters



your projects are stuck in the filter i have said this like 8 times but nobody seems to listen to it so it got over run but fights so i making a topic hoping the answer will clear it up
get ahold of THT and ask them to push your projects out


Well, explain how @friendship2468 had all her projects stuck in a "filter" for a week<---- not trying to be mean, I just want friendship to get her projects back!


I made post so people can see it. I even asked for help in the po----- GRAMMAR! I need to change your title


it happened to me to nobody could see m projects for 2 weeks so i emailed THT and they said the filter was holding my projects (the filter is nothing bad) so the looked through the flter and pushed the projects out after tht ppl could see my projects


lol i was wondering if someone would catch it @friendship2468


I'll ask my mom to email THT and if she does well Awesome.


Aw come on! My dad just broke the small table and his leg hurts!