Can't See Notifications or Activity?



Today after school I went to go and check my notifications. Then I saw there was no green dot. I thought this was really strange so I clicked on the activities bar. It loaded for a little while then it went blank. Anyone else noticed this weird glitch?

What's Up with Activity Tab?
Is the activity tab messed up?

What happened???????????, maybe there were wifi problem s, or the community was off-line???????



Hopscotch was going down a lot yesterday and loading very slowly... Maybe it was that!


Yeah thats happening to me too. Just then i had to go to "Remixes of my projects" just to see who remixed.🤔


That is weird what happened


Oh no it happened to me what do we do what do we do


Hang tight! We're working on beefing up our database to handle all the additional Hour of Coders. Make an extra project welcoming them in the meantime or offering a tip for how to make something cool?

thanks for your patience!!


Ok @liza I will get to work right after I finish my math