Can't open any projects in HS at all When I do. they are laggy


I’ll try that, later when I can try figuring out a way to get my App Store back.


did you add restrictions? settings>general>restrictions i think


Anyways my hopscotch is actually screwed up completely. Activity stopped working, projects not opening, laggy projects…


I think I might’ve or something, don’t worry I’ll figure it out,


activity has been like that, server error afaik
not opening was an update i think


did u reboot? lol try everything


No but it’s been like 3 days, it just stopped.


Yes I did that. I think since hopscotch takes up 1.11 GB, that’s the problem. For some reason files are unnecessarily multiplying.


yeah hm. have you been to any shady websites


Uh yes. I watch anime and then all these pop up ads’ websites come up.


hm you could have a virus but its highly dowubtful


That is strange. If you have 100GB left, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I am talking about less than 10GB space left.