Can't open any projects in HS at all When I do. they are laggy


I haven’t updated to 11 yet, I probably will sooner or later, but iOS is just getting buggier and buggier :confused:


I’m on 10 still. I have no intentions on updating or getting an iPad Pro. I’d rather the iPad run fast. Everything else (except hopscotch) work well.


Have you restarted your iPad at all?


This was never a problem.


How, by turning it off completely?


Interesting. iOS 10.3.3 is commonly regarded as a very stable version.


By holding down the home button and the power button at the same time or at least 10 seconds

It causes a force restart and will most likely fix the issue


That’s where I think I am now.


Okay I’ll be gone for a few minutes. I’ll try that Jonnygamer.


Yeah. I doubt this is an issue with iOS, but rather the app itself.


Yeah, idk
In some aspects iOS is getting really good, in some others it’s getting a lot worse

Silly Apple :joy:

(Yeah, I think I’ve got 10.3.3)
(Actually I have 10.2)


So projects DO open on a darn iPad mini 1, iOS 9.2.1!!!


Did the restarting help?


Let’s see now.


Unfortunately not


Oh well, it was worth a shot

Well, hmmm, let’s try to fix the App Store issue

Maybe you restricted it in the settings
(Does the app even appear on the home page?)


I think I might’ve. I can try some things later.


A problem with the app’s compatibility with certain iOS and devices I guess. If an old iPad mini 1 iOS 9.2.1 works…


Well, wait until you reinstall the app. Is this the iPad where the app was taking up more than 1 GB of storage?


Hmm, I’m looking up ways to solve this online:

  • Unrestricted it in your settings
  • Sign out and then back into your Apple ID
  • Double click the home button and swipe up on the App Store page (killing the app)
  • Clear the App Store Cache (Tap any of the buttons on bottom side of the screen when in the App Store 10 times in a row)
  • Reset network settings