Can't open any projects in HS at all When I do. they are laggy


Because obviously they are doing something in the code that is causing all this to happen. Why else?


Yeah, not sure. Did you double check you have the latest update?


The one thing I’d suggest is update to iOS 11.


I don’t have the App Store with me now…


I’m not falling for apples’ purposely designed scam


Ah, ok.. Maybe your wifi is just wonky (the App Store rarely ever works for me :confused:)


I doubt that would help. Pretty sure Hopscotch is designed and optimised to work on iOS 9,10 and 11


No it glitched out because I accidentally blocked it or something


Yes, the featured projects play for me with iPad Air 2 iOS 10.x

I think you need to delete & reinstall the app (when you’re able to)


It’s a software update.

I have iOS 11, and it’s been working fine-ish.

It’s at a mediocre point- not the worst it’s ever been, but not the best. The best was long before the new update.


I’ll try to access the App Store then.


That’s pretty much it :ok_hand:
Go Apple, yay
iOS is really wonky


Apple purposefully slow down devices throughout each iOS and they claim that it’s a problem with the battery which partly it is because a lot of battery data is used to update.


How long ago did your App Store go down?


I don’t know maybe like a month ago. Anyways I’ll redownload it somehow tonight.


Yeah, there’s definetely been a new update very recently, let me pull up a different project


Or maybe they have a faulty beta they are going to release?


Try this:

And then this:
(This one might “wonk” the project and won’t download)


Not really. They reduce the max performance of a device to optimise battery life for devices with degraded batteries, but hasn’t been confirmed yet if this is done for iPads. A battery replacement will fix this issue.

iOS 11.2 fixed a lot of bugs and lag for me and others. Have you updated to this version or newer?


AwesomeOnion did try to universally Fix the problem…she fixed it for you…I can’t help you but I can tell you she can fix it