Can't open any projects in HS at all When I do. they are laggy


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: BlastFusion

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Air 2 iOS 10

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing opening projects, and then they wouldn’t open. It just loads forever):

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Go to a project with self
  2. Open it and wait a million years to finish the load.

I expected this to happen: the project to darn finish loading

But instead this happened: just continued loading

Here’s a sweet screenshot:
No need. It has the usual bear changing pose.
I went to projects pre-self and they worked just fine. They opened.
I went to projects with self and they continuously loaded.

I’m sick of reporting bugs this is like the 5th time in the last week. No one even bothers looking at them :confused:
I am actually beginning to get fed up with these bugs.



This is pathetic. Now I can’t even do anything and I’m on an air 2 :frowning:


Which update are you using for Hopscotch
Or did they ex out the air 2
Lemme check


I’ve had this sooo many times!


Like recently? I hope I’m not alone.


Yep. Especially after switching accounts.


I gtg bye


It doesn’t specifically say which devices can be used (uuuugh), but you do need iOS 9

Hmmm, if it does load, but only after a while, maybe your iPad is just real laggity


I literally just got this iPad. Internet is fine. Projects without self open in a finger click. With self just keep loading. It’s a bug. It’s not going to be looked at by THT. Geez. I’m fed up.


Hmmm, weird, do you have the newest version of HS?

I think the iPad Air 2 came out a few years ago (and apparently Apple forcefully makes older devices slow so that you buy the new ones :confused:)


Hey @MR.GAM3R can you open today’s featured projects and see if they will work?
Actually @Thinbuffalo you have an air 2 can you try?


Yeah but this problem never happened. I think I’m one update behind on hopscotch.


Hmm, that might be the thingo, since it might’ve been a pretty big one and won’t let you open those projects

Try this:

Paste this into your web browser


It’s buggy and barely works.
What the heck is wrong with hopscotch

Are you kidding me? I have received like 80 likes on one project since.


Yeah, the notifications tab is really wacky

I don’t really know what to say, try restarting your iPad, and if that doesn’t help, try updating and then emailing THT


It works fine for me. Perhaps try reinstalling the app?



On an iPad Air 2


Try restarting your iPad or re-downloading the app


My App Store is unavailable at the moment. I need to get it back later.


Trending is gone forever man, it broke while they were updating the app and they removed it