Can't make a poll?(case solved)


For some reason I can't make a poll?


I've already replied to your post
I'm sorry but the only answer I could provide is to not keep this post and wait for someone that could answer to your post, if you want i've already linked a post that should help you in your previous post.

Don't worry it's not a big deal, you may of not have realized but this is a duplicate post.
I suggest you to remove it.
And thank you for your colaboration.


What is your Hopscotch name, mine is Phase Studio®.


Mine is TromaxTheDestroyer
If you want to present yourself you could click me


@Phase_Admin if you need any more help on polls we will be glad to help. :wink:




Polls Poll:

  • I know how to make one
  • Help, I need to know how to make one
  • I can help people make one
  • What r polls????


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