Can't log out because of cancelled subscription


I had a trial for subscription,but I cancelled it. But for some reason I’m unable to log out.


Check if its actually canceled again


I did.


Well umm

I don’t know, delete and redownload it?


I think Hopscotch hasn’t registered that you cancelled the subscription yet.


Now, about half a day later, has it started to work? Because your requested subscription cancellation might have been registered by Hopscotch successfully now.


I cancelled the subscription ages ago.


That is just really weird. And it doesn’t work now? I think that you should email THT.


Interesting bug. A couple questions:

  • why were you trying to log out? Is this the first time you’ve ever tried to log out since you unsubscribed?
  • what did your screen look like and what button did you press immediately before seeing this screenshot?

And lastly, to help us make hopscotch better, what made you decide to unsubscribe?



I was trying to log out to change my password.

I was on a free trial, and because it would automatically take money out of my father’s account once the trial finished, I cancelled it.


I see that you have a couple projects that are not uploaded, did you get a popup like this?

and then choose upload all?

It could be that you have a project with images that we won’t let you upload as a non-subscriber.

A workaround for changing your password, btw:

if you use this link and enter your email address you’ll get an email with a link to change your password.


I think I already managed to change my password,and no,I didn’t get a popup like that.


But we good now.