Can't log into alt?


I put my KayKay login info in and I can't log in.... Hm. What happened?


@billy @jess888 I thought you left @starrydream hai fren


Idk how am I supposed 2 kno


Maybe they suspended or blocked it coz u shouldn't b on?


Are you friendship?


Hoi friendship!
You haven't been Hopscotchin' lately, I'm a lil worried ;-;




Wut k


Please don't start a flame war or I will mute you


I'm not please stop commenting being mean please stop I don't want to continue this I don't even know who u are


Okay look I'm not gonna start aflame war but all I said was hat what you said wasn't nice and that you should rephrase it. It's not a big deal, lets let it go.
@kiwicute2013 can I talk to you there (PP)


Then stop replying no more talking about it under this line