Can't log in to Hopscotch!



what is my username? when i choose "i forgot my password" it brings up the account that i use when banned...


I'll try to help, 1 sec


these are the results for searching hopscotch King:

I don't know which is urs tho


the top one, me!!!!!



oh, not that u used the wrong user, 1 sec :stuck_out_tongue:


that's weird... you're user seems to be just as active (if not more so) than any other, and you got banned? definitely a bug, you've got a steady flow of projects none of which seem to be deleted for having malicious intent or anything like that (not like you would, but the bug might have been there)
@liza @otherpeopleonthehopscotchteam this is a really big but that definitely shouldn't happen, randomly banning people!?!?!?!?! I'm going to go check my account now...


i was banned some time ago... jnbanned now!


so you can log on now?


cant log in




@hopscotch_king, I fixed your title so it had 20 characters! :wink:

Also, just email The Hopscotch Team to reset your password! :wink::wink::sweat_smile:


Yikes! Can you email us to reset your password?


no need to scream



still not working!!!