Can't log in?! Name/Software glitch?



I logged off my normal account, and entered a collab account. While working, my iPad started glitching out, and I logged out of the collab account, afraid that I might lose the others' work.
But then, I tried logging into my own account, and nothing happened! I tried logging into the collab account, and nothing happened!
I panicked and deleted the app and reinstalled it again. I tried logging into both accounts, and nothing happened again.



Oh no! This is really bad. I would email THT immediately.


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@Dude73 @Intellection74 Okay! I did!
Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


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I have not logged out of my account yet, so no. Sorry. I don't know what's happening! :disappointed_relieved:


Yikes! You should definatly email THT about this. I have never experienced a problem like this before!


My new temporary account name is XiaoMiaoMi3!


I would restart my iPad/iPhone....


But XiaoMiaoMi (symbols) just liked my project...


@Holly_Aarmau What?!?!
XiaoMiaoMi with the characters just liked one of your projects?
Could you post a screenshot?


Oops, XiaoMiaoMi3 did... Sorry..
Apparently I cannot read.


I had this once. I logged into an account then tried into PopTart account. I think I had to restart my iPad but it was a while ago


This happened to me too. All I had to do was restart my iPad.


Never, and we use about 6 Collab accounts, including this one.


Try restarting your iPad!


Thanks, @Kiwicute2016 @MiracleShoutouts @FunkyGoldfish @PopTart0219 Ok! I'll try that!


It didn't work... I'm getting really nervous now...


Oh…You should really email The Hopscotch Team as soon as possible, which is now or after school.


Did you get a email from the hopscotch team? :0