Can't get into my account?


My ipad was restored from a backup (The backup was from 2 days ago) and I had to re download hopscotch, and now it is trying to get me to create a new account. How can I get back into my old account?


well you will have to wait for the next coming update with log ins until then the Hopscotch team can change your username to (your name here) OLD so you can use your old username (it happened to me cuz of the update and i like the new account better) Hope this helps


Hey @BuildASnowman! Oh no! That sounds super frustrating! At least they could restore it :slightly_smiling:

For now, you should create a new account. We're releasing a new update in a few weeks that will let you access any Hopscotch account from any iPad. When that's live, you'll be able to get into your old account again.

Thanks for your patience!!



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The same happening to me 3 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:


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