Can't get into my account after 3 password resets!



HELLP!! I wanted to make a new account called BlueFoxy:wolf:, and after 3 password resets, (and a email to the Hopscotch Team, I still can't get into my account!!! I also searched my account on that account, and my name wasn't there... :scream:

Did somebody delete my account?



Did you spell your name correctly?
No space at the end?
Did you spell your password correctly?


Yes!!! I memorized my each new password I reset it, and I don't think I would ever forget my name. The thing that I can't find my name when I search it on my new account is creepy. :no_mouth:

Can you still see me on your account?


I'll go check. :D


Wow! I do not think the password is the problem, it is your name! Make sure you spelled it right- and capitals, periods, and the correct emojies. Since you said it is a new account, and nobody has the name yet, maybe you can just recreate it. I am sorry to hear this news! I hope it gets fixed!


ArtyAnimal:horse: of course


Actually this is my REAL account I can't get into!!!


Oh! Did THT reply to you yet?


It's not there! :0

You should email the hopscotch team about this. :0


What if you were hacked, or you accidentally changed the name instead of the password? If you were hacked, someone could have changed your name! Look up one of your old projects and see if they are there. Then you can make sure the name is not changed because it will show the creator!


Here's a like :heart:!


I did email them!!! I didn't even warn people that I was leaving!! Ugghhh I hope I didn't lose my projects I made..

Hey! Search for my project Scary Draw or Street Dogs RP, maybe my username isn't showing but my projects are!!


Okay! I will. :D

Be right back!



At least my account isn't destroyed!


Still can't get in though


Wait awhile and then try emailing the hopscotch team about your problem. It's probably a glitch. :smile:


Yay! I am glad you found yourself, but I am clueless on why you cannot get in! I am going to look you up once I get on my iPad. @Liza, any reasons why this is happening?


whatever it is it isn't a hack, probably an error w/ HS's servers, but why this would happen to just one account, without you being reported a LOT (or, again, server bug, 1 report from a troll might hav been modified in it's traveling to the router and become over 9000 reports, which is all but impossible, but it could still happen)