Cant be on Hopscotch.... :(



My e-mail is filled with questions asking me why I am not on Hopscotch. I will be honest- I just cant. I have Hopscotch on my phone, tablet, ipad, you name it. Well, my two brothers use the tablets (they are theirs) and I'm stuck with my phone.

Just Use Your Phone Then!
Well, I cant! Hopscotch does not work on the phone. :frowning:
I'm really sorry, so I will be answering some Q&A to make up for it: Please Enjoy!

Why Can't You Just Ask?
Sadly, my brothers aren't the nice kinds. :stuck_out_tongue:

How Often Do You Think About Hopscotch?
I dream about it.

I Miss You!
I miss you too!!! :frowning:

How Do You Gather Your Requests?
Well, first I find them. Then I write them on a piece of paper. Finding requests can take a minute to an hour. I am stormed with requests, but is hard to find them. My notifications don't work correctly, so I usually look at Remixes of My Projects or search up "Request for lots of pizza". :stuck_out_tongue:

How Do You Draw So Well?
I don't draw that well..

How Old Are You?
I'm in fifth grade, thats all you need to know. :slightly_smiling:

Where is Your Happy Place?
In the park with my friends. I feel happy and calm there, like on Hopscotch.

I hope I answered some burning questions! Until next time,

LotsaPizza :heart: :heartbeat:

I love you guys!


Try asking your parents that your brothers will not let you use hopscotch because they won't let you.


I don't blame you my problem is close I don't have my own iPad it's my dad's and he works until 6:00 every weekday so I can only be on after 6:00 and I am dragged all over the place to baseball to softball to chorus and traveling to my moms house and back and it's a lot I get you:sweat_smile:


Agreed! Swapping from House to house having chores doing sport doing school... It's hard to juggle and do hopscotch.., I'm also always on my phone so I only get a bit of time of weekdays to code and weekends I'm almost free to code.


I did. They said I had to deal with it (-.-)


Wow, that's kinda rude -.- maybe try to go more strict on your brothers since they aren't very nice


Well, I'm on right now, :slightly_smiling: :smiley: Thanks for the help!